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Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunt  - Testimonials

Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunt - Testimonials

Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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John Zupetz Jr.

John Zupetz Jr.

Bloomington, NY

There was no debating the decision to shoot; Zupetz only needed one look at the rack, even partially obscured by brush and tree limbs, to know it was big enough. The buck followed the doe’s tracks, slowed to a 40 yards from the stand, and Zupetz let his muzzleloader bark. The buck made it another 40 yards and stumbled to the ground with half of its rack viewable to Zupetz in the stand.

"At the time, I didn’t know it was the buck I was after.” he said. ”But that half rack I could see was huge. As I walked up to the it I realized that it was the buck and he kept getting bigger the closer I got. I jumped right on the phone to give Jackson the good news."

From: New York Outdoor News Magazine – November 18th, 2011

Greg Spotts

Jarod, Thanks for a wonderful archery hunt Nov 12th – 17th 2010, on the Saline County Property. On Friday night at 5pm as I looked from my tree stand in the gorge up over the hill to the bean field I saw a large bodied deer. As I looked through my range finder it was apparent it was a wall hanger. I used my doe bleat to call him down over the hill, but it was just too dark at 5:22pm, but it was a 170 + class buck. Over the 5 days of the hunt I saw 26 bucks. The big buck was on the morning of Nov 14th, at 9:28am. As I looked up along the stream bed at approximately 100yds it looked like a rocking chair coming towards me.

At 70yds I could see two large drop tines, then at 60 yds I saw a total of three drop tines and points everywhere. It kept coming and at 45yds it turned sideways and stopped, smelling the foot prints of the 8pt that came up out of the gorge that I let pass.

I was at full draw waiting for it to move another four feet, which would put it at 40yds. At 45 yds there were too many small branches covering the body, making a risky shot and possibly wounding the deer. I finally had to put down, taking about ten deep breaths to relax. All of sudden it noticed a doe at a 45 degree angle farther out in the woods and walked directly away from the tree not allowing a shot. My knees started to shake so bad I had to set down to recover. Yes I did not get to shoot this enormous deer, but this memory I will always have. I texted Jarod, he said just relax, I have a picture of this guy on a trail camera, relaxing was easier said than done!

Tom Mattingley

Clayton, NJ

Jarod, I just dropped my 140 inches class trophy 10 pt Whitetail Buck off at my taxidermist on my way home from Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunts once again, this is getting to be a habit. This was my 4th trip out of the last 5 years, and if not for the economy it would have been 5 out of five years. Thanks to the help of your talented guide, Brandon Whitmire working hard for each hunter to have an opportunity to be successful, I connected on another Illinois Trophy. I have hunted Whitetails throughout the USA, Canada, and South America for Red Stag with many outfitters. Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunts are second to none. Your Main lodge as well as your outpost lodge’s are all 1st class. We are always well fed & cared for with great home cooking and warm comfortable beds. Whatever the need of any hunter at any time of the hunt, you and your staff were always there for us. Looking forward to next year & another great hunting experience.


Jarod, Sandy and I just wanted to Thank-you and David for another fantastic experience and we hope there is a spot again next year for us to join you for the first gun season. As always we appreciate the efforts from your staff to make our hunting experience enjoyable and a success, especially after the weather challenges the week before the hunt started. You guys are the best! Sandy and I can’t wait until next year !

Kris Yerman

City Woodchuck

Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunts surpasses my highest expectations and is City Woodchuck APPROVED! I cannot say enough in regards to Jarrod and his crew. It is evident that they are very knowledgeable when it comes to whitetail hunting. The scouting, food plot preparation, and stand placement shows their ability to please any hunter from novice to professional. If you need the evidence, stop by the City Woodchuck page on Facebook and watch my muzzleloader hunt that took place with these guys in 2013. Since my first hunt back in 2009 I was hooked and have been hunting there every year since.

Ryan Bulle

Windham, NY

If your passionate about hunting big Whitetails then Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunts is the place for you! I had the pleasure of hunting with Jarod & David for 4 years. They run a first class operation & will put you on some huge deer! Southern Illinois is a beautiful place to hunt. If your not lucky enough to kill a big buck, you’ll leave with some great memories & even better friends! Can’t wait to get back!

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